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T h e   J O K E R
as played by Jack Nicholson


I've been after this elusive rascal from the Warner Brothers 1989 movie BATMAN for ages.
First I got the Billiken vinyl kit (See Batman figure also)
and I went to town on that kit.
But, it wasn't the posable, dream custom I have always wanted in my collection. SO, I built it and moved on.
My biggest obstacle to the finished figure was the frustratingly specific pants pattern!
And believe me, I searched the globe, high and low!
Nowhere did anyone have it. Anywhere...
This was eventually solved due to the help of a new buddy of mine who "broke the code" as it were...and it's a secret how I got it, sorry, I owe him that much...but I am eternally grateful to him for it.
He knows who he is. He deserves his props.
Anyway, I handmade the rest over time.
His shirt, vest, buttons, the long-barrelled gun, his many small details that I never see on many other customs. Things that drove me crazy making, but am so glad I did. Those buttons have specific patterns and his cufflinks are playing cards!
I hope you like my finished figure.
NOTE: This one of a kind figure is very dear to my heart, and is NOT FOR SALE at any price.
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The JOKER copyright/TM DC Comics and Warner Bros Pictures