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This figure is an originally crafted, 12" custom version of my favorite Batman comics villain.
This figure began simply enough, in a conversation in Summer of 2005 with a very good buddy of mine, Kevin Wahl of Chicago, also a very accomplished figure customizer and avid figure collector, who, like myself, loves this particular Batman character and his mid 20th Century roots in pulp and mid-century Sci-Fi styles.
Not long after that, an idea germinated at Will O'Connor's, aka Wild Willy's, Custom Batman Figure website via Scot Fleming, aka Scooter, that an original "theme" custom figure be made by several of the very apt talents that occasionally roost at the site as a part of their daily custom figure enthusiast routines, so as to showcase of the talents there.
So, after a brief period of voting on a character and deciding among the brethren, a period that Kevin and I both dreaded and relished as we hoped our discussions would bear fruit in a Freeze related theme in this case, we did indeed decide on this character, and off we all were on our multistyled and scaled action figures.
So, this is a most unique piece of work for me.
Not only is it one I've wanted to make in passing for myself for some time, but now it represents something more to me, a gesture to my newfound friends at Will's site that we are bound together by a creative love of this hobby.
Thanks guys!
For more images see the special pages at Will's site:

Otherwise, scroll below! If you dare!
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NOTE: This special one of a kind figure, is NOT for sale at any price!





Enlarged, this one is 1024 x 768 size Wallpaper
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Mr. FREEZE copyright/TM DC Comics

I dedicate this figure to Mr. Bob Burns
Thanks Bob for being such a cool guy!
Cool? Oh, sorry Bob. Did he spray you with his ice gun? Sorry about that!
I want to also again thank Kevin Wahl for his tireless enthusiasm in feedback and thought provocations and encouragements regarding the crafting of this figure.