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Backlog Progress!
The original purpose of this site was to show my figure collection and share it with others, but due to financial and personal issues, I closed this site to catch up on backlogged work and try to keep that ongoing to completion.
The good news is, works are going out fairly regularly and I have more to come as I draw closer to completion of the backlog! Posts of the work will occur here and at other appropriate sites when possible.
So, if I owe you works, painted, sculpted, built, or whatever, know I am working on and in the midst of shipping them out to you, trying to be caught up by late Summer and early Fall of this year, 2011.
 Til then, I am not using this site as a showcase until I can complete my backlog.
Look for new works and perhaps some of my previously posted figure works again, once I have the backlog done, and am free once more to persue this as a personal venture.
I am leaving up a couple of pages that mean something to me, most importantly, Bob's page, as that event still remains the proudest of my works in this format. I thank Bob Burns for his invitation and am still so glad I was able to go and see his amazing museum.
Thanks Bob and Kathy!
Thanks to all who ever supported me and continue to do so.
Working my way back!
See what I am selling on Ebay below!
Clearing the collection!
I am currently selling off a lot of my collection, so as to raise money for shipping of backlogged works, and to pay bills here at home, so please feel free to see what I have on the chopping block today as I am selling of a LOT of my stuff! Thanks!
The purpose of the website is only to showcase my personal collection of  custom fabricated 1/6 scale movie, TV and personal design figures.
All images are copyrighted and TM their respective owners as noted.

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