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For Chris and Dana...

Christopher Reeve
1978 costume
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I have my ultimate Christopher Reeve figure!
This has been a figure that has taken more than two years to get made the way I've always wanted him.
I had a Reeve Supes posted here some time back, and I was very happy with him too. At the time anyway. But, the head I used, though an utterly terrific sculpt by the magnificent Jim Mattox, was not designed for a 12" figure but for his original and beautiful, freestanding bust, and was therefore not the right size or neck form for a figure.
Plus, my less than immaculate Mego Superman bodysuit that had definately seen some previous wear and play time made him look beat up a bit.
So, long story short....I remade Superman again, from the ground up.


With a lot of informational assistance, I resculpted my own Christopher Reeve head. I had the movie on DVD and access to the Net to find great picture references. So, I may or may not have caught him to perfection, but it was my very best attempt.


I had the great fortune of meeting, via the internet, Anthony Durso, who's boxes for Mego and other action figures online are superb.
(see link below).
I had to have one for my new Reeve Superman.
Thanks Anthony for a job well done!
(Click on pic for CU)


I have wanted this figure for a long time. I have had great feedbacks about it being a "Dream figure" to other very nice, kind things. But that dream comment, I think it's true. I wish it was out there for the world.
We all loved Chris and having this is a dream fulfilled for me.
So, with that said I give him my final tribute...


And please, feel free to drop by Chris' website and make a donation to help his great cause


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SUPERMAN and "S" emblem copyright/TM DC Comics and Warner Bros Pictures

Christopher Reeve
Intrepid Reporter for the Daily Planet


In keeping with the Reeve as Superman theme, I crafted this version of the character as Clark Kent, Daily PLanet Reporter by resculpting the hair in the reverse flip and by adding the needed suit outfit and accessories.
A simple enough variation on the theme, but a very requested one.
Hope you enjoy it as well.


Reeve passing on the torch to Routh...
My custom Reeve with my slightly reworked and repainted Hot Toys Routh Superman figure. The legacy lives on!
Click on pic for closeup


These heads and figures are no longer available. They were a VERY limited run back in 2006/07and have long since sold. I do not make these anymore. I don't even have a set for myself! But, one day I may make myself one of each, for old time's sake, and when I do, they will NOT be for sale at any price.
I have wanted them for too long to not have them still....
Thanks for your interest regarding this project!