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Based on the 1954 Disney Classic this movie was the first that had me making custom models. I always wanted a model of the Nautilus and after some years, I had one...


This was my first "real" Nautilus model, handmade in 1982 out of Balsa wood, poster paper and thousands of Elmer's glue dot bolts, each applied with a toothpick, with a handmade stand. I was inspired by an article that ran in Scale Modeler Magazine about a Nautilus model created by the late, great Tom Scherman. It took me about two weeks of solid work, but the results proved well worth it.     Click on pics for closeups



Some time later, I would acquire another, larger kit and so I decided to give the original, homemade one as a gift to my younger brother Dan.
I liked the symmetry of the brothers theme that is apparent in this picture.
We're bound by Nautili. Gotta love it!
CAPTAIN NEMO, The 2nd Nautilus kit, and NED LAND

Nautilus design by Harper Goff copyright 1954 Walt Disney Productions

Captain Nemo as played by James Mason



This second model is the 30.5" resin kit that I built and hand painted in 2001. The master for it was originally sculpted by Nautilus sculptor extrordinaire, Scott Brodeen.

It shows some of the attention I pay to larger scale kits. I completely detailed the wheelhouse and it is visible through the "eye" windows.
This may not be a figure kit, but I feel it is an extension of the character of Nemo, his gigantic id creation that smashes his enemies. Sort of like a giant suit of armor. I can't think of him without it and vice versa.

The 12" Nemo head is not an original sculpt but the reworking and painting of another figure head . I used an altered Union Navy uniform and white turtleneck shirt and props.
Kirk Douglas as
master harpooner NED LAND


And one thing about Nemo and Ned...
They never got along!

OK Ned...give the Captain his hat back...

There never was room on the Nautilus for the both of 'em!
There was room for the mascot

This is the seal pet of Captain Nemo named Esmeralda.
She was the mascot of the Nautilus, and the sometimes drinking partner of Ned Land. (see below)
I found this cute 1/6 scale seal toy from the '60's on Ebay and felt she needed a home in the Nautilus.
Added the collar and some whiskers and a bit of touchup paint to make her look a tad more real, and off she goes.
Just one more character in my growing collection.


Paul Lukas as Professor Arronax of the Paris Museum,
and his protege' Conseil, as played by Peter Lorre

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Captain Nemo and Ned Land are all Copyright and TM Walt Disney Studios 1954. Thanks also to Jules Verne for writing the original novel.

This page is for you Gus. For great days spent as kids at the Lyric watching the Nautilus on it's voyage...

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